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The BrailleSense U2 notetakers are powerful educational note-taking tools, portable networking devices and multimedia entertainment systems. They offer output via Braille, speech or both simultaneously. Take BrailleSense U2 with you to school, office or use it on the go.


For inquiries, please email or call 512-662-1629.

Braille Sense U2

$5,595.00 Regular Price
$4,595.00Sale Price
  • Powerful performance with faster processing

    Boasting a 1GHz Mobile CPU and a 32GB flashdisk,
    BrailleSense U2 offers rapid data processing combined with as much memory as you desire.

    Power-packed for the office environment

    Read and review Microsoft Word, powerPoint and Excel files in contracted Braille. Highlight your most important points with advanced font and style options.
    Always have complete and up-to-date access to your email with IMAP access, and open EML files directly from the File manager.
    Secure your valuable information with file encryption, or password protect your entire notetaker from prying eyes and/or fingers.

    A Powerful educational tool

    Our unique built-in LCD allows sighted teachers and
    parents to view a student’s progress while he uses BrailleSense U2.

    Enhanced sound, outstanding media

    Enjoy a clear and powerful stereo audio listening experience with easily
    accessible audio buttons and 11 equalizer settings. In addition, easily and instantly control FM Radio,
    DAISY Player and Media Player with designated media buttons located on the front of the unit.

    Created with the Deaf-blind in mind

    HIMS’ unique, flipable LCD display has facilitated easy and natural
    communication with the deaf-blind for several years. Now with an added vibrate Motor,
    a deaf-blind person can be alerted to receive messages or errors in input or navigation.

    Connectivity anywhere, any time

    Stay connected to your friends, family and the world via Ethernet, Wi-Fi (b/g/n) or 3G USB modem.

    Instant Social Networking

    Take advantage of our mobile connectivity and
    click on Twitter to instantly access the world of social networking.
    Chat with your classmates, co-workers, family and friends using Google Talk anytime, anywhere.
    Stay up to date with everyone’s latest happenings via Facebook.

    GPS Receiver and electronic compass

    Improved GPS receiver and electronic compass allow you to explore
    your surroundings and provide instant, accurate directions or real-time,
    turn-by-turn navigation to your destination. GPS map data is an optional add-on.

    Let your BrailleSense U2 do the work for you

    Create macros to automate formatting, text entry, setting of alarms,
    or countless other tasks. Record a set of keystrokes, and the U2 will automatically perform
    these tasks at any time with just a couple of keystrokes.