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About Us


Dream Vision Group provides individuals, schools, and government agencies with the professional training and world class assistive technology products needed to support education attainment and job placement.



Damian Pickering


Damian Pickering is a 20 year veteran of the blindness AT industry, who has served at Freedom Scientific, Humanware, and HIMS, Inc.

As a life-long user and long-time provider of braille products,

Damian brings a philosophical appreciation for how far technology has brought us, and the uncharted territories yet to explore.

In early 2020, Damian joined Dream Vision Group as a founding member and Managing Partner.

Jenn Gibble


Jenn Gibble brings a background in mechanical design and valuable experience as part of the curriculum development team at a major TX school district. She was introduced to the blindness AT industry when she joined the sales team at HIMS, Inc, where she served as SalesForce Administrator. She discovered a deep appreciation for braille products and design. In early 2020, Jenn joined Dream Vision Group as a founding member and Managing Partner.

Dreams & Visions

As a boy in school, I dragged a little red wagon from class to class piled high with huge braille books and a Perkins Braille Writer. In those days, I read Science Fiction, dreaming of robots and rocket ships. Today I dream of sleeker, faster Braille devices helping us leap time and space in a single bound.

Meet our Specialists



Mike Tindell discovered a passion and aptitude for Assistive Technology in 2001 when he launched his career at Freedom Scientific, where he performed the job of escalation, tech support specialist & team lead for hardware products, along  with general software support for Jaws and Open Book. In 2005, he joined the access technology team of the National Federation of the Blind. In this role he gave product demonstrations and answered questions about all blindness assistive technology. In 2007, he joined Humanware as a national products specialist, presenting at conferences and providing hands-on workshops for all Humanware’s blindness products. In 2018, Mike joined Hims-Inc as national training manager, where he provided product training to customers, provided hands-on workshops, and provided escalation tech support as needed. Currently, Mike is a Jaws 2020 Certified contract trainer and proud member of the Dream Vision Group providing support and consultation on all blindness hardware and software assistive technology products.




Customer service has always been one of Jonathon's passions. He strives to provide the best experience for each and every customer by bringing his extensive accessible tech knowledge to all training and support sessions. Originally from Austin and blind from an early age,he understands the demands technology can put on the lives of the blind and visually impaired, and seeks to make this as simple a process as possible. Jonathon loves working with tech in every form,and is at home best when teaching the technology that will lead to successful, independent and confident customers.



Discovering the Optacon in 1980 changed Myrna's life by opening the world of print around her. She quickly completed the Optacon teacher training course and began sharing this gift with other blind people at the New York Lighthouse where she had been working as a music teacher. In 1986 she officially joined the rehabilitation staff as an AT Specialist, and over the next 20 years she taught the rapidly evolving range of Speech and Braille devices along with early mainstream Apple and Microsoft Windows computers and a laundry list of screen readers from Vert and Vocal-Eyes to Window-Eyes and Jaws. In 2006 Myrna joined HumanWare as a Tech Support Specialist where she had the honor of working until retiring in 2013. Over the years she has touched  and taught virtually every blindness software and hardware product ever introduced, from VersaBraille and Braille n Speak, through Pac mate, BrailleNote Touch and BrailleSense Polaris. Though Myrna is supposedly retired, she continues training friends, family and peers alike, and she even finds time to Beta test for various At companies. She may be a glutton for punishment, but she does what she loves, and she loves what she does!




Dave is a lifelong user of assistive technology and advocate for Braille. He has held managerial and training positions with HumanWare, Vispero, and HIMS. He has been a JAWS user since the DOS days and specializes in integrating JAWS (and other screen readers) with proprietary and mainstream hardware and software. He has presented throughout the US and internationally on topics including but not limited to effective use of notetakers in classrooms and professional settings, mathematics and students who are blind, creating books in alternative formats, etc. He recently formed his own company, SpeedyTurtle, so check out his web site at



Andrea is passionate about Braille, having used it since childhood, it is a big part of both her personal and professional life. Being a natural giver led her to study Psychology at Santa Clara University where she received her Bachelor's in 1983. Following her passion, she went on to earn a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 1997. Andrea has worked in the area of Access Technology for nearly 2 decades. She specializes in Jaws and Windows, but has also worked extensively with students using braille notetakers, audio, and iOS devices. Andrea taught in the continuing education program at Cypress Community College from 2004 to 2009, and for the past several years has been employed as a trainer and evaluator by a licensed  vendor with the California Department of Rehabilitation. Additionally, she developed her own client base as a freelance trainer for private individuals. Andrea works remotely from her home in Southern California. She currently serves as president of the Orange County chapter of the California Council of the Blind and is co-chair of the state technology affiliate. Andrea is also known as a proud cat mom and a steadfast friend.



From a young age, Leanne liked working with people. Understanding others and finding ways of forming those rare connections has always been second nature to her, and it is her empathy that leads to trust amongst both her friends and her customers. Indeed, many customers are just that, friends as well. She uses her technical knowledge to work hand in hand with each person and develop their skills to meet their goals. When working with Leanne, customers can expect professionalism of course, but also a warm, considerate training experience.



Chris has been an assistive technology instructor for the past 5 years working with individuals of all different ages and skill levels. He provides training on the use of iOS devices which include the iPhone and iPad with the use of voiceover. He also teaches Jaws for windows Microsoft office programs.

When Chris works with you, he will assess your skill level and develop a teaching plan that is right for you!

Chris is an out-of-the-box thinker and will work with you until you become a technology pro! Chris looks forward to working with you!

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