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from Help Tech GmbH

the world's first integrated iPhone Braille Solution!

the braille display of the future, shipping summer of 2023!


The Activator is Help Tech's latest innovation. This future-oriented 40-cell Braille display houses unprecedented hardware and software solutions in a modern, sleek design.


With just a flick of the wrist, the patent-pending, multifunctional, ergonomically designed Braille keyboard unfolds to become a QWERTY keyboard.


The included SmartDock connects directly to your iPhone, turning the Activator into a mobile workstation, exceeding the functionality of traditional Bluetooth connections.


Enhance the Activator with the iOS HelpTech+ App with functions such as speech input to braille output with Grade 2 and UEB translation.


With a compact, modern aluminum and plastic housing, the Activator’s lightweight ergonomic design includes ultra-flat keys with tactile switch characteristics and redesigned triple action keys. Plus, the concave Braille cells and patented ATC technology extend the proven features of the Handy Tech Active Series.

Check out this video!

and contact Dream Vision Group for more information

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