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The comfortable and affordable Braille display


The mobile Braille display Basic Braille 20 with Bluetooth is equipped with 20 Braille elements as standard.  With the Basic Braille, you get a low-cost entry-level model in the Handy Tech braille series from Help Tech, in high quality "Made in Germany“. The casing body of the Basic Braille is made of sturdy, anodized Aluminum. The side panels are made of a high-quality, textured, pleasant non-slip plastic. Equipped with durable Braille elements with robust tactile pins. The Basic Braille will provide you access to computer systems for many years.


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Basic Braille Brochure

Basic Braille Quick Start

Basic Braille User Manual

Basic Braille 20 BT

  • The advantages at a glance:

    • available with 20, 32, 40, 48, 64, 80, 84 braille elements with cursor routing
    • stylish, robust aluminum housing and durable Braille elements
    • flat and space-saving design
    • HID technology - ready to use, without driver software
    • optional: wireless Bluetooth, with integrated rechargeable battery


    Easy to use

    There are only 3 keys to the right and left side of the Braille elements, which does make handling the Basic Braille very easy and straight forward. While you use one hand to navigate you can use the other to read on the Braille display. The cursor routing keys are integrated in the Braille elements and can be used to position the cursor at a desired position within the text.

    Wide range of applications

    The Basic Braille’s flexible design made it possible to create various versions that cover a wide range of possible applications. The 40-Braille-elements version, for example, is ideal to be used with a laptop computer and the 64-Braille-element version fits perfect to a standard computer keyboard. The Basic Braille is also available with 20, 32, 48, 80 or 84 Braille elements. All versions do have a flat design and can be comfortably placed in front of a computer keyboard or laptop.

    Universal access

    The Basic Braille works with all common screen readers like JAWS, SuperNova, NVDA or VoiceOver by Apple computers. Screen readers allow people with visual impairment to access computer systems via a combination of a Braille display and voice output. The Basic Braille is connected via USB to your computer and no extra power supply is needed. As the Basic Braille uses HID technology (Human Interface Device), it is