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The compact, inexpensive Braille display with Braille keyboard


The mobile braille display Basic Braille Plus is equipped with 40 flat piezo ceramic Braille cells - perfect to be used mobile or at home. Thanks to the ergonomically arranged 8 Dot Braille input keyboard you can quickly and easily enter texts or surf in the internet. Fit for the everyday use the light and slim aluminum housing is compact and at the same time sturdy. The side panels are made of high quality plastic. Parallel to the USB connection an additional device can be connected to the Basic Braille Plus via Bluetooth.


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or call 512-662-1629.


Basic Braille Plus Brochure

Basic Braille Plus Quick Start

Basic Braille Plus User Manual

Basic Braille Plus 40

  • The advantages at a glance:

    • 40 Braille elements with integrated cursor routing buttons
    • robust 8 Dot Braille keyboard plus Space Key
    • flat and compact design using robust aluminum housing
    • HID technology: ready to use without installing drivers
    • USB and wireless Bluetooth connection
    • 12 hours plus of battery life


    Flexible use

    The Basic Braille Plus is equipped with 40 flat piezo ceramic Braille cells. Due to the very flat Design, the Basic Braille Plus can be placed in front of a keyboard or a notebook.

    Integrated Braille input

    With the ergonomically arranged Braille keyboard and 3 function keys each side left and right the Basic Braille Plus offers just the extra comfort. The ergonomically arraigned 8 Dot Braille input keyboard plus space allows to quickly enter text in braille while connected via USB or Bluetooth. This Braille input keys can also be used for controlling your computer comfortably.

    Universal access

    The Basic Braille Plus works with all major screen readers, such as JAWS, SuperNova, NVDA or VoiceOver from iPhone and Mac. As the Basic Braille Plus uses HID technology (Human Interface Device), it is ready to use without the need of having to install any software. Thanks to HID the computer will recognize the Basic Braille Plus once you connected it with your computer.

    Flexible connectivity

    iPhone, smartphone, notebook or tablet the Basic Braille Plus connects in no tome using wireless Bluetooth or USB. The integrated rechargeable Battery allows an autonomic use of 12 hours plus per charge. Connected to a PC, the Basic Braille Plus does not require a separate power supply and is also charged at the same time.

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