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Taptilo 2.0+ - Smart Braille Learning Device


Learning braille has never been easier…or more fun!

Taptilo is a smart braille education device that can transform the way braille is taught in schools and at home. Taptilo includes a hardware device with the latest braille cell technology and an innovative application that can be used seamlessly with the device.


For inquiries, please email or call 512-662-1629.


Taptilo 2.0+

  • 1. Headphone jack

    Now it's official! You can plug in any of your regular headphones and use it right away for a more focused listening experience.

    2. Improved braille cells

    The large refreshable braille cells are now more powerful, so there will be less worry for errors.

    3. Improved braille blocks

    The signature Taptilo braille blocks are now even more durable with the same satisfying click of the original version. You won't find anything like it on the market!

    4. Longer battery life

    We fixed issues of battery drainage, so you can now enjoy a longer battery life.

    5. Extra block

    A missing block? The new version also includes an extra block in each set - just in case one gets lost!


    Taptilo now comes in a high quality, beautifully designed case that is water-resistant and portable. Adjustable shoulder strap included.

    Main Features:

    • High quality, modern design and finish

    • Water-resistant canvas lining, waterproof zippers and non-slip pads for safe storage

    • Built-in thick molded padding for extra protection

    • Detachable adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy tote handle for portability

    • Includes pouch and extra space for storing accessories


    Dimensions: 51cm x 22cm x 13cm (20” x 8.7” x 5”)

    Weight (case only): 1kg (2.2lb)


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